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friendly reminder that this scene was improvised

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woke up at 6 after another crappy night of loud air conditioners and my sister practically climbing on me at night. got in the car and drove until around 12 and stopped at a native american reservation for lunch at this really good burger shop. then we went into glacier national park and went on a boat across a lake and went hiking a bit before going back across the lake and going to the hotel. getting there was a mess because the gps kept on pointing us to a longer route so we wasted about an hour at least. when we got to our room, there was a shit ton of flies and stuff. so nasty. after our “homemade” dinner, i went to the lounge which is like half a mile away….to get wifi and it’s so fucking slow i can’t even play maa and finish the spec ops ugggghhhhh. even tumblr took half an hour to load so my queue is running out of posts now uggggh i hate this so much help me

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an accurate representation of me trying to deal with the problems in my life

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